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VW Golf VI 1.4i Trendline

VW Golf VI 1.4i Trendline

69.540 km Jan 2009

Petrol 80 HP CO2 : 149 g/km


With our “Econoway” selection we are orienting ourselves towards low-budget, second-hand cars that have been put into perfectly good technical condition, but whose age and/or number of kilometres no longer make it possible to offer the same guarantees as for the cars under our premium label “My Way”.

These vehicles have been grouped together under a sub-label named “Econoway“.

  • A strict selection with guaranteed age and number of kilometres.
  • Car-Pass: the car’s history.
  • A quality network.
  • Complete check-up of the car.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Free test ride.
  • Extensive after-sales service.
  • The best price on a trade-in.
  • A Car financing with attractive conditions
  • An incomparable choice.

The “Econoway” network groups together the complete offer of immediately available second-hand cars. The car of your dreams is sure to be among them! But if you don´t immediately find what you´re looking for, you can register and let us know what type of car at what price and with what options you would prefer.

6530 THUIN Professional

52.450 €

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Audi A8 Dsl 3.0 TDi V6 Quattro...

Audi A8 Dsl 3.0 TDi V6 Quattro...

55.000 km Oct 2012

Diesel 211 HP CO2 : 174 g/km


Not all used vehicles can wear the My Way label. Strict specifications must be met to be part of My Way’s exclusive selection. Thanks to My Way, you can choose your used vehicle in complete confidence. That’s our promise to you.

  • A strict selection process: certified age and mileage
  • Car-Pass: car history
  • Quality network
  • Complete vehicle check-up
  • 1-year warranty, 3rd year extension*
  • Free test drive
  • The best trade-in price
  • Car financing as attractive as purchasing a new vehicle (not valid with promotions)
  • Lease on the best terms you can imagine
  • My Way insurance
  • An unrivalled choice of models

If you can’t find true happiness, what you are looking for right away, you can sign up and send us your requirements.

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4950 WAIMES/WEISMES Professional