130 COUPE Coupé

  • 28.500 €

Condition: Second hand
First registration: 09/1973
Gearbox: Manual
Fuel: Petrol
Mileage: 76.500 km
Emission class: -

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General data

  • Vehicle condition : Second hand
  • First registration: 09/1973
  • Mileage: 76.500 km
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Power : 166 HP
  • Cylindercapacity : 3200
  • Number of cylinders : 6
  • CO2 emission : -
  • Emission class: -
  • Body : Coupe
  • Color : Grey
  • Number of doors : 2
  • Damaged car : No
  • Techn. control until : -
  • Car-Pass : No




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It cost more than a new Porsche 911, won an 'Auto Style' award from a jury of international car stylists, and influenced car design for an entire decade. This is the Fiat 130 Coupé, a grand touring car that is graceful in every sense of the word.

The design is the work of Paolo Martin at Pininfarina and is as far removed from the Fiat 130 saloon of the time as the Moon is from the Earth.

Whereas the 130 saloon - Fiat's attempt to conquer the luxury saloon market - looked like a Fiat 125 saloon pulled and stretched in all directions, the Coupe's exact and elegant proportions were emphasised by clean lines and perfect planes accentuated by a body line that ran the length of the car to the front edge of the bonnet.

The treatment of the headlights and rear lights reflected the rest of the 130's angularity, perfect shapes that gave the Coupé an imposing presence on the road.

Under that magnificent bonnet was a 3.2-litre V6 producing 123 kW and 250 Nm. A three-speed Borg-Warner automatic transmission sent power to the rear wheels. A five-speed ZF manual gearbox was available as an option. The advertised top speed was 193 km/h, while the three-figure shift was completed in 10 seconds.

Inside, the 130 Coupé's prestige aspirations were evident, with velvet upholstery and generous seating for five. The instrumentation and steering wheel - which was adjustable - added a sporty touch, while features such as electric windows - a rarity at the time - underlined its luxury aspirations.

Only 4491 coupés were produced between 1971 and 1977. Nor were they cheap, costing the price of a new Porsche 911 T in the same year.

The influence of the 130 Coupé cannot be underestimated, its beautiful proportions and angular yet elegant design marked a renaissance for the Pininfarina styling house, which until the Coupé was revealed had been in a design slump.

After the Coupé 130, however, Pininfarina enjoyed a period of great success, with the Ferrari 365 GT4, the Rolls-Royce Camargue and the Peugeot 604 all coming out of the Pininfarina workshop, their respective lines unmistakably and unashamedly borrowed from the Coupé 130.

Pininfarina, encouraged by the positive response to the Coupé 130, designed a number of other prototypes using the Coupé's design as a basis. But while the family links were undeniable, the four-door 'Opera' and the 'Maremma' shooting brake never saw the production line.

Despite its 50 years, the Fiat 130 Coupé remains a majestic and elegant car, desirable not only for its rarity, but also for the absolute purity of its design.

This example is fitted with the rare 5-speed ZF manual gearbox, a model produced in just over 500 examples! The 130 is extremely well preserved, the interior is perfect, and so is the mechanics. The bodywork has been repainted to an acceptable standard. There are no traces of corrosion on either the chassis or the bodywork.

The car has a limited history and has only had one owner throughout its life. We believe the mileage to be correct. It was brought back from Alba (IT) by road, and drives terribly well!

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