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Enthusiast since I was a child 


  • I started, as a child, to collect scale models, books, etc. Basically everything I could find related to cars. I was interested by all cars, all years, all makes. And then, one day, I saw a 911 3,2l Coupé parked in front of my favourite bookshop. I came out of that bookshop with magazines about Porsche. Love was in the air. I then learned, with great pleasure, that owning a 911 could be relatively affordable. Affordable passion, delivered by Porsche.
  • When I was studying Business Administration, I joined a Porsche club, even if I had no Porsche at the time. Thanks to them, I could test as a passenger nearly all types of Porsche. Passion will never stop.
  • For my thesis, I opted for the topic "The strategy of Porsche manufacturer". I then studied during months the company and its products.
  • After my studies, I joined a Consulting company and became Manager, working for banks and financial institutions. I immediately started to save money with one single objective : buy my first Porsche. I have seen a lot of ones, and finally chose a black 911 SC Cabriolet from 1983 (a collector, as this is the first 911 Cabriolet, and produced for only one year).


The desire to create a company to propose something new


  • In 2007, I decided to turn my passion into a job. The reason behind is that, when I was looking to buy my first Porsche, I have been disappointed on many aspects (difficult to estimate the value of a car, the process of buying a fun car was not always fun, etc). The idea was there, but I had to spend more than 5 years to prepare myself and create the company. It takes time to do things well.


5 years of preparation


  • I followed a programme in Mechanics at the Technic, Mechanics and Electricty Institute. I passed the examinations to be granted the official right to sell cars and to be mechanic in Belgium. I also learned how a car functions, working on my classic 911, Mini Cooper Sport and Fiat 500.
  • I followed a course in a performance driving school, driving a 964 RS, in order to better understand how those 911 react.
  • I met several persons who significantly helped me. I would hereby like to thank them.


And finally, creation of WE LOVE CARS sprl


  • In 2012, after 2600 hours of preparation, and years of passion, it was time to create the perfect job for me : share my passion about Porsche with you !

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  • Porsche
  • Alfa-romeo
  • Volkswagen
  • Abarth

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