560 horsepower in the new Audi A6

On the Audi stand at the Paris Motor Show, there isn’t only the TT Roadster and the TT Sportback concept that have been put forward. In fact, the ringed brand has also unveiled a significant innovation: the redesign of the A6 family. This remodelling is important as the A6 is the most sold model in Europe, after the A4. Audi recognises nevertheless that this redesign is more technical than aesthetical.

Concretely, the A6 cars have modified front fascia and radiator grills, redesigned rear lights, bigger exhausts and a new range of rims. Inside, we note the arrival of a new MMI multimedia system that integrates high speed internet connectivity (4G). The passengers thus have the possibility to download apps and to make the most of online services.

Concerning the security, the A6 family has made a leap forward. It now has several driver assist systems, with notably a lane keeping assist, blind spot obstacle detection and even high head display. It’s wonderful!

Lastly, to run the A6, the manufacturer offers engines that have had a few modifications. Such, at the entry level of its petrol range, we find today a 1.8 TFSI of 190 horsepower and its consumption limited to 5.7l/100km, but also a 3 litre V6 TFSI (333hp). For diesel, the offer is wider and the power ranges from 150 to 326 horsepower. The Audi A6 Allroad, for its part, is still current and keeps its V6 engines. The S6 sports car sees its twin turbo V8 go to 450 horsepower. The engine of the RS6 still delivers 560 horsepower and 700 Nm.

Do you think that the evolutions brought to the A6 family are sufficient?