700 horsepower for the first all-wheel drive Tesla!

At the end of 2015, Tesla will have a new variant in its Model S family. In fact, the manufacturer is going to offer its first all-wheel drive version. Called Model S P85D, this sedan will stand out from the rest of the range by having two electric engines instead of one. Each engine will be in charge of an axle and will electronically manage the distribution of torque over each wheel.

According to Tesla, the addition of the second engine will not reduce the sedan’s autonomy. Thanks to a better management of the energy directly at each wheel, it should even increase a bit. The manufacturer also announces a gain of about 16 km, which means a total autonomy of 442 km.

The addition of the electric engine at the front will allow the sedan to produce a total power of 700 horsepower and 930 Nm of torque. These values should allow this 2’239 kg version to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, which is a good second faster than the Model S P85. Later, this integral transmission would also be available as an option on the Tesla Model S 60D and 85D.

Elsewhere, the Model S P85D will also be the first Tesla to be equipped with a semi-automatic driving system. Called Autopilot, this system is capable of maintaining the car in its lane, to change lane by pressing on the indicator, to manage the speed by reading the signposts, to park, and to brake without the intervention of its driver. Not bad!

And you, would you be ready to spend 106'040 € for the Model S P85D sedan?