A breath of fresh air for the Volkswagen Scirocco

After six years of service, the Volkswagen Scirocco is finally getting a slight facelift. As is often the case with the German brand, the changes are quite slight, and only the really watchful eye would be able to distinguish the new version from the old at a first glance.

If you look hard enough, you'll notice the front and rear lights have been touched up, using LEDs to ensure their signature luminosity. The bumpers have also been reviewed to give them a more aggressive look, namely by the addition of a pseudo exhaust at the rear. Inside, it's the new steering wheel with three spokes as well as three dials on the top of the dashboard which asserts the novelty of this car. These dials allow the driver to keep an eye on the pressure of the turbo and the oil temperature, the last one is a chronometer. 

This restyling is also accompanied by a recast of the engines on offer. For fuel, the most noticeable change is the disappearance of the 1.4 TSI of 160 horsepower in favour of the 2.0 TSI 180, which places itself between the 1.4 TSI with 125 horsepower (against 122 previously) and the 2.0 TSI of 220 horsepower. The range is still topped with the powerful R variant, which goes from 265 to 280 horsepower.

High-mileage drivers will certainly prefer the new 2.0 TDI of 150 and 184 horsepower, shared namely with the Golf VII. 

Tempted by this new Scirocco?