A revolution at Lada !

When we think of the Lada brand, the memory of the very ‘square’ sedan 2105 and of the Samara come to mind. And today, when we come across these models from another epoch, we can’t help but smile. Tomorrow, that may not be the case anymore. In fact, at the recent Moscow Motor Show, Lada unveiled a concept called Vesta. It’s a notchback sedan with quite a good design and which hopes to ensure the brand’s revival.

We owe the Vesta’s lines to Steve Mattin, an ex-designer from Volvo. For this sedan, it looks like the designer was openly inspired by the current aesthetics of automobile production. The result? The future Vesta might unsettle ordinary people when they discover that it’s a Lada.

From a practical point of view, we’ve already been assured that this sedan will have a good quality interior; the Vesta concept rests on a new platform which lets it measure 4.40 metres. What’s more, according the first official photos, we can guess that the finish and accessories have made a serious leap forward. This concept even has a touch-screen multimedia system. Not bad!

Finally, Lada having Renault as a major shareholder, you shouldn’t be surprised to find under the hood of the Vesta well tested engines. Behind the scenes, it’s said that the Vesta would have the Dacia’s engines. The Lada Vesta should logically be on the market in 2015.

Could you fall for the charm of this Lada Vesta?