Audi wants to develop a TT family


At the Paris Motor Show, Audi will unveil this Thursday a study announcing the coming arrival of an extra model in the TT range. According to the German journalists from the Auto Zeitung magazine, it will be the future Audi TT Sportback.

It’s not the first time that the manufacturer plans to increase its TT range. In fact, last April, at the Beijing Motor Show, the ringed brand had presented the Audi TT Offroad Concept, a coupé which looked like a 5-door crossover. With these two extra models, it’s said that the manufacturer is seriously contemplating to turn the TT range into a sub-brand. Stay tuned...

That said, in what concerns the TT Sportback, we already know that this sedan will rest on the technical base of the coupé, that it will measure approximately 4.50 metres and that it will be faithful to the aesthetic code of the coupé TT, namely with a falling roof starting from the top of the windscreen, a high beltline and marked wheel arches. Elsewhere, with its very elegant profile, it should no doubt honour the Sportback family, but will also be a serious alternative to the A3 sedan.

According to the first information distilled by the Ingolstadt manufacturer, this study should logically hold a 2-litre petrol turbo TFSI engine producing 400 horsepower. It would be the engine from the TT Offroad Concept presented in Beijing, but slightly deflated. We’ll know more in the hours to come...

Do you think that it’s a good idea to expand the current TT range?