Boxster and Cayman specially developed for Belgium?

Online, it’s possible to come across rather confusing information. A few days ago, several specialised media announced that Porsche had developed engines exclusively reserved for Belgium and Norway. Of course that’s not the case! If we don’t know much about the regulations in place in Norway, we’re not unaware of the circulation tax which is a serious hurdle to buying a high flying sports car in our country. Above 155 kW, it’s true, it doubles.

For a few years, Belgium has had Boxter and Cayman cars with their power limited to 211 horsepower, but also the Cayenne and Panamera diesel with less powerful engines. If the foreign press doubts that this particular situation is due to a severe tax system or to hunt down CO2, it’s nevertheless questioning itself of the choice of the Flat-six in a 2.7 litre version in the case of the Boxster/Cayman duo.

In fact, for the United Kingdom and several countries in Asia, Porsche has recently offered a 2-litre cylinder Turbo (237 hp) from Volkswagen to run its compact Macan SUV. Since then, the foreign press has been asking itself why this engine isn’t under the hood of the entry level Boxster and Cayman in Belgium. The answer is simple: this engine hasn’t got the famous turbo-compressed four-cylinder boxer direct-injection petrol engine announced by Porsche. It should logically be available at three power levels (210 hp, 286 hp and 360 hp), the least powerful should then eventually replace the 2.7 litre Flat-six that raises so many questions. Patience...

And you, did you think that Porsche would develop engines for Belgium?