Brussels Auto Show: BMWs everywhere

The BMW stand will most certainly be one of the hottest draws at the Brussels Auto Show. The car maker is promising no fewer than three European releases and three Belgian releases!


BMW: sports cars and driving pleasure in Brussels

It is sufficiently rare to be noteworthy: BMW has decided to present four important vehicles in their European premieres at the Brussels Auto Show. First of all, there is the new BMW Series 2. BMW has redefined its naming practices, and the Series 2 is nothing more than the coupe version of the Series 1.

The second new release at the BMW stand will be the Series 4 Convertible, which is based on the Series 3. In contrast with many of its competitors, it stays faithful to the hardtop version.

Finally, on a more sporty note, BMW will be presenting the highly awaited M3 and M4, well-honed sports cars with 430-horsepower engines!

Variety as well!

Alongside these attractive new releases, BMW will be presenting a compact SUV, the X4, for the first time to the Belgian public.
The Series 1 Red Devil Edition marks BMW's continued support for the world of sport. This special edition is dedicated to the Belgium national soccer team, the Red Devils, following their recent World Cup qualification.
The BMW i8, the brand's first electric sports car, will also be making its first appearance on Belgian soil. This hybrid sports car will have no less than 362 horsepower!