Carice Mk1: Limited edition!

Until now, if you wanted to acquire a modern version of the Porsche 356 from the 50s, you had to look for the creations by the car maker PGO. Today, with the arrival on the market of the humble Dutch creator Carice Cars, all this could change.  This car maker recently unveiled a 100% electric roadster named Mk1.

While admiring the official photos, we can see that the car is largely inspired by the 356 but also by the 550 Spyder which James Dean held so dear. The cabin is perfectly "vintage", especially with its three-spoke wooden steering wheel, its corked aluminium dashboard  and its "old school" red seats.  Simply fantastic...

This roadster's plastic body rests on a backbone chassis with a central thick bar into which the battery is incorporated. The accumulator's position allows for an optimal centre of gravity and an excellent weight distribution of 50:50. Interesting! It is even more interesting that this roadster only weighs 350 kilos, including the batteries.

To rev up this vehicle, Carice Cars offers an electric motor available in three power ranges:  5.5 hp, 20 hp and 54 hp. The entry-level engine is thus available for drivers as young as 16 years old. According to the car maker, by incorporating batteries of various sizes depending on the specific version, this roadster has an average range of about 130 km. The minimum price for this roadster, which will be produced in only 10 units? 26,620 euros! 

Would you be ready to contribute to the birth of a car make?