Citroën C1 Urban Ride: the public decides!

At the recent Paris Motor Show, many manufacturers presented concept cars announcing upcoming models, but only one directly asked the public what they thought of one of their studies. The study in question was Citroën’s C1 Urban Ride.

To know if the adventurer’s range of the C1 city car would go from dream to reality, the brand organised a referendum via a terminal installed in front of the concept. This terminal asked the following question: “Are you for or against the commercialisation of this C1 Urban Ride?”

On the last day of the Paris Motor Show, the manufacturer had gained 18'000 responses. Amongst those, 17’000 were positive. Not bad! Moreover, by asking the same question on social networks, Citroën gained another 5'000 positive views.

That’s great news! Because, a few days earlier, Julien Montarnal, Citroën’s marketing director, indicated that if the response would be more than 75% for, the brand would seriously consider commercialising this C1.

According to several specialised sources, although nothing has yet been officially confirmed by Citroën, there’s a strong chance that the C1 Urban Ride will become reality in the months to come; the concept car already looked quite finished. According to several rumours, the adventurous version of the C1 would logically arrive in just about a year and would be available for a cheque of about 16’000 €.

And you, what would you have answered to the question asked by Citroën?