Citroën DS3: Much more than a simple gaze...

On Thursday 22 May, Citroën unveiled its new-look DS3 and DS3 Cabrio. With 300,000 units sold since 2010, the DS3 has obviously been a success, but it was high time for the car maker to revamp its design. But not to worry! The facelift has been a modest one.

In concrete terms, the DS3 models have a new visual signature, both in the front and at the rear. They now have headlamps that combine LED and Xenon technologies, and they are also equipped with new sequential indicators, whose orange diodes light up one after the other.

In the cabin, the DS3 has a new laser-engraved dashboard design, as well as screen printing on the rear side window. We can also note a new upholstery option and a new body paint colour - "Pearl White".

In terms of safety, we have learned that the suspension of the DS3 has been revised and corrected, and we are also pleased that Citroën is now proposing emergency city braking. Known as Active City Brake, this system helps avoid accidents by braking automatically when the car is travelling at less than 30 km/hour.

The engines now comply with Euro 6 standards. On the diesel front, we can note the introduction of BlueHDi 100 and 120 engines. For petrol, in addition to the THP engines (155 and 207 hp), there is now also an 82-hp three-cylinder version. It is paired with a five-speed clutchless gearbox.

And how do you like this DS3? Still as sexy as ever