Live from Brussels: The most frugal car at the Show

The Show's most frugal car can be found at the Volkswagen stand. Consuming just 1 litre of fuel per 100 km (or about 235 mpg) and having a design that is both futuristic and atypical, the XL1 stands apart on the Heysel esplanade.

At your command, Mr. Piëch!

This car owes its birth to the ambition of Ferdinand Piëch, legendary CEO of the Volkswagen Group. One of the German's dreams was to build a car that could cover 100 km on just one litre of fuel.

Upon discovering this XL1 in Brussels, we can see that Volkswagen hasn't gone wrong, at least in terms of image. A veritable laboratory for the car of tomorrow, the XL1 has a truly futuristic design.

On the market

You may have already seen it on the streets of Brussels. Yes, this XL1 does run! It has a rechargeable hybrid system, consisting of a 27-hp electric motor and a 48-hp, two-cylinder diesel engine. Thanks to ultra-light materials, it weighs just 795 kg. Its battery pack allows it to reach 50 km per hour on electrical energy alone.

With just 20 g of CO2 emissions released to the atmosphere, the announced consumption of 1.0 litre per 100 km is actually just for marketing purposes. According to fuel consumption standards, the XL1 actually consumes just 0.9 litre per 100 km (over 260 mpg)! The other marketing ploy can be seen on the sticker: a price of 111,111 euros!