Mercedes-Benz Classe C Break: The next logical step!

Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled the estate version of its C-Class. In moving from one generation to the next, this model has gained a few precious centimetres. Now it is 4.70 m long and 1.81 m wide. As a bonus, with a 2.84 m wheelbase, it feels even roomier inside.

Since it is an estate, the practical aspects have, of course, not been neglected. The boot has an effective volume of 490 litres minimum. By folding back the rear seats, this volume increases to 1,510 litres. Lastly, with the hands-free option, the boot can be opened by making a kicking motion under the rear bumper.

The C-Class Estate has the same engine options as the sedan. The catalogue therefore includes the four-cylinder BlueTEC diesel, whose power ranges from 115 to 204 horsepower, as well as petrol engines (four or six cylinders) that generate from 156 to 333 horsepower. At a later date, a plug-in version, dubbed the C350 Hybrid, will fill out the petrol range.

On the accessories side, the main feature of note is the Connect Me system. It allows the driver to contact emergency services or roadside assistance. The driver can also use it to "communicate" with the C-Class Estate from his or her tablet or smartphone.  

We can expect to see this Mercedes-Benz in showrooms in September. The entry-level model will set you back at least €30,000.

What are your first impressions of this C-Class Estate?