Mercedes corrects the future Renault Espace!

As you’re not going to fix something that isn’t broken, you’re also not going to change the name of a model from one day to the next…The fifth generation of Renault’s large MPV will still be called Espace and will be available in dealerships next spring. If the first rumours led us into error concerning its launch date (now pushed back), the information concerning the vehicle were nevertheless correct.

We now know that this model’s launch date has been pushed back by six months: Renault wants to perfect it! To do so, they’re counting on the expertise of the Daimler group who notably have Mercedes-Benz in their portfolio of products. Thierry Bolloré, in charge of competitiveness at Renault, recently explained himself: “Our demands have strongly increased, namely in terms of the perceived quality of the exterior and interior. As we didn’t want to make any compromises on the final result, we’ve accepted certain delays, which we very rarely make, to be certain that the product is at the level that we want.

The fifth generation of Renault Espace has already been submitted to four trips to Daimler. One of them was even entirely dedicated to a series of dynamic tests. According to several well informed sources, Daimler has pointed out 100 points to improve on to Renault before launching its high end ‘à la française’ on the market. The brand with the diamond accepted the criticisms. They will thus take their time to make the Espace extremely desirable. You can bet that its price will also be reviewed and slightly increased. We can’t wait for spring!

And you, do you believe in the rebirth of a high-end model at Renault?