Mustang, the return of a legend!

The news was made official a few months ago: the sixth generation of Mustang will be sold here. Awaited in European concessions in 2015, Ford has just recently launched production in the factory at Flat Rock, a factory in Michigan that also manufactures the Mondeo.

This event is important for the American brand. Because the Mustang – which celebrated its 50th birthday and of which 9 million units were made – will be sold in no less than 120 countries, of which 25 are new. A first in the history of this model that allows us to savour the ‘American way of Life’ a bit more!

Concretely, this generation of Mustang will be available – also for the first time – both in left-hand and right-hand drive, will have independent suspension and be equipped with engines that are better suited to our market. At the launch, three petrol engines will be available under the hood. Sadly, Europe will only get the 4-cylinder 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine (310 hp and 320 Nm) and the 5 litre V8 (435 hp). We’ll miss out on the 3.7 litre V6 which produces 300 horsepower. That said, in 2016, it looks like a thundering Shelby GT350 will be along to join the stud.

Lastly, if it’s successful, the manufacturer is already announcing that it will up its production capacity, which could easily go from 220’000 to 300’000 units a year. Good news, no? Yes. Even more so when we know that the entry level price goes for 24'425 dollars in the United States.

And you, would you be ready to get a Mustang that’s finally been officially imported?