New Toyota Yaris : more than just a pretty face...

This summer, the Toyota Yaris will be arriving in dealerships with a brand new style, both inside and out. But this makeover won’t be just aesthetic. It will be accompanied by major technical improvements, so that the Yaris can keep pace with its many B-segment rivals. The front end now has a cross-shaped pattern around the front logo, which separates the totally redesigned top and bottom grilles. At the rear, there are LED taillights. The general appearance is enhanced by the addition of a diffuser in the rear bumper and by redesigned space around the license plate.

For the driver’s compartment, the Japanese carmaker has taken its customers' comments into account. In particular, customers want more room, a higher level of perceived quality, and lastly, a wider choice of colours and accessories. The message seems to have gotten through. 

From a mechanical point of view, the carmaker redesigned the suspension in order to improve comfort and road handling. In addition, it is also offering lower noise levels. Under the hood, there is nothing new to report. There will still be two types of petrol engines – 1.0 L (69 hp) and 1.3 L (99 hp), one diesel engine 1.4 L D-4D (96 hp) and, of course, the 100% hybrid engine, which generates 101 horsepower. This hybrid is the model’s standard-bearer, and it has enabled the Yaris to break into the top ten for new cars sold in Europe last year.  

And you ? What do you think about this new model ?