No fifth edition for the Renault Espace!

The Espace MPV will take a bow after 30 good and loyal years of service. Renault has in fact announced the coming arrival of its successor and not a fifth generation for this flagship model, who – as a reminder – was at the beginning of a new segment of the market. This successor would have the traits of a crossover and would be called, according to several rumours, “X-Space” or “Atalans.”

Several details are already known about this successor. For example, we know that the exterior will be inspired by the Initiale Paris study presented at the Francfort Motor Show in September 2013. The profile having recently been unveiled by Renault, there is no doubt that the model will be equipped with hinged doors, it will have an elevated look, chromed window contours, a rear side window that points to the rear, and, finally, rear lights close to the flanks.

The interior, for its part, won’t resemble the too futuristic one from the style study. Knowing Renault, you can bet that this interior will be highly adjustable. That said, after several scoop photos published by Automedia, it seems that there will be a touch screen for the central console. This screen would logically regroup all the functionalities of the car and thus limit the number of buttons.

Finally, to know more about the engines and the main technical characteristics, you’ll have to wait for the opening of the Paris Motor show. Here’s to the 2nd of October!

And you, what are you expecting from the Espace’s successor?