Official unveiling of the new E-Class by Mercedes

After a long and teasing campaign undermined by various leaks, Mercedes has finally lifted the veil from the new E-Class, which features a partially automatic driving system and great efficiency.

Thanks to its excellent aerodynamic coefficient of 0.23 and a decreased weight, despite its increased length, the E-Class boasts an average fuel consumption of under 4L with the new 192 horsepower, 4-cylinder diesel model.

The 180 horsepower E200 will be the second model available at the launch, while we continue to await the arrival of the E250 (250 horsepower), the E400 (333 horsepower) and the E63 AMG (580 horsepower). An entry-level diesel model (150 horsepower) is also expected, as well as a V6 diesel boasting 258 horsepower. Finally, the E350e rechargeable hybrid will feature 279 horsepower, a range of 30km under electric power and emissions of only 49g of CO2/km. 

The new, super high-tech E-Class will draw upon a whole range of new kit, including Drive Pilot, which is akin to a partially automatic intelligent driving system, made possible by a number of sensors. 

Do you think that this new E-Class will steal a march on its German competitors?