Peugeot 408 : Chinese model

The Chinese market loves three-box models. This hasn’t slipped the attention of French car maker Peugeot. In April, at the Beijing Auto Show, it therefore unveiled its latest model, known as the 408. This sedan is actually much more than a 308 with a boot. In concrete terms, while it has the same wheelbase (2.73 m) as the 308 SW, this Peugeot also borrows many technical and structural features from the 308, which was elected “2014 Car of the Year” in Europe. That said, the 408 has its own characteristics.

The 408, for example, does not come with the interior design known as the “i-Cockpit”. In the cabin, you therefore won’t find the compact steering wheel, the high-positioned instrument panel or the touch screen. The interior layout is T-shaped and more similar to the 508.

In China, petrol engines are a must. To power this sedan, the Lion brand is therefore offering three petrol engine types. On the low end, there is a 130-hp 1.2 e-THP three-cylinder engine. After that, customers can choose a 160-hp 1.6 THP equipped with a start/stop system. At the top, Peugeot will offer the 408 with a new 1.8 THP that generates 200 horsepower and 280 Nm of torque. All of these engines are paired, as a standard feature, with an automatic transmission.

For the time being, there is no word about whether the 408 will be released on our shores.