Peugeot RCZ: Second generation confirmed!

By 2020, Peugeot is planning to reduce its range from 45 models to 26. This is an official decision. Thankfully, the auto maker has decided to keep in production the models which hold the most sentimental value. The unconditional fans of the RCZ coupe can rest assured. The news was recently confirmed by Maxime Picat during an interview with the Dutch media source Autovisie. According to Peugeot's CEO, the second-generation RCZ coupe should be on the market some time in 2016.

We already know that this future RCZ coupe will be based on the EMP2 platform in a form closely derived from the current 308. In addition to the guarantee of dynamic qualities, Peugeot is already announcing that weight will be the other main upgrade. Behind the scenes, there is talk of the car being 100 kg lighter.

Under the RCZ's bonnet, one can expect to find the most powerful petrol and Diesel engines of the 308. The most extraordinary of Peugeot's RCZ line - the"RCZ R" - should see an upgrade for its 2-litre engine generating 270 hp.  To transmit this power to the front axle, it seems logical that the 6-speed gearbox should be brought back.  But, it is certain that car enthusiasts will favour a dual clutch transmission for this alluring car. To rival the Audi TT, there is no better choice. To be continued...

What would you like to see Peugeot add to the future RCZ coupe?