Renault R.S. 01 : The Alpine of the future ?

At the Moscow Motor Show, Renault presented a new race car. Called R.S 01, it was especially designed to take part in the new “Renault Sport Trophy” promotion format. This format ranks itself as the antechamber of the professional GT and Endurance championships and will integrate, from next year, World Series by Renault, the famous program which discovers the talented drivers of tomorrow.

In discovering this car, the fans of the brand are asking themselves if this R.S. 01 isn’t also announcing the profile of the future Alpine coupé, awaited in 2016. It’s true that although this sports car doesn’t take over the round lights of the first sketches of the Alpine, it still lets you imagine that it could have lateral windows which would extend up to the wing. With such a body, it would be rather beautiful, wouldn’t it?

That said, for the time being, the R.S 01 appears to be the fruit of several specialists. Renault has given it a carbon body allowing to maintain its weight under 1’100 kg. To Dallara, the brand entrusted the study and build of the chassis. The V6 3.8 litre twin-turbo engine, for its part, comes from the Nissan GT-R and was prepared by Nismo. This engine delivers over 500 horsepower and the torque exceeds 600 Nm. The gearbox has 7 speeds and has a sequential control system. And lastly, the tyres were developed by Michelin. We can count on 380mm carbon disks and 6 piston callipers for the brakes.

Are you as impressed as we are by this R.S 01?