Renault Twingo: Metamorphosed City Car!

In March, at the Geneva Motor Show, Renault unveiled its third generation of Twingo. The city car caused quite a stir! You have to say that this model has nothing to do with its predecessors. It now shares its technical genes with the future Smart Forfour.

Today, it stands out with its rear-engine architecture, its steering diameter of 8,65m and the passenger compartment which has been increased by 22cm. From a practical point of view, it’s worth noting that it is only available in a 5 door version and that it has a flat floor which gives it a loading length of 2,20m. According to the manufacturer, this characteristic allows you to load an IKEA bookcase. Not bad! Lastly, Renault claims that it offers the best forward visibility of the combined category with its raised driving position.

To run it, the manufacturer only offers 3 cylinder petrol engines. The Twingo will use the SCe 70 engine for the first time, which is an atmospheric variation of the TCe range, with or without the Stop & Start option. It will also run with the 90 hp TCe Energy engine.

In Belgium, the Twingo will be on the market from the 12th of September. The prices? Renault has just revealed them. At the start of the range, the “Hello!” version will be offered from 9'650 €. A very interesting price when we know that this Twingo has electronic fairy godmothers (including ABS and ESC), speed limiters, an onboard computer or even a system to monitor tyre pressure.

Does this Twingo seem as revolutionary as the first generation?