Smart Fortwo and Forfour: Official presentation!

Wednesday the 16th July 2014 will go down in history. During the evening, Smart unveiled its new Fortwo and Forfour cars, models resulting from the partnership signed with Daimler and Renault.

We now know everything about the two models. In practice, these Smart cars have the chassis of the latest generation of Twingo. Naturally, due to the sense of originality of the brand, they haven’t adopted the aesthetic code of Renault’s urban car.  

As it stands, the Fortwo conserves its apparent survival cell, but it also has taken on more angular shapes. The proof? Its front hood has become almost horizontal; before, it was more slanting. Its front is no less likable. Concerning its habitability, this generation is evolving in the right direction, with the interior length of 2,70m and a width of 1,61m. Concerning the Forfor, it’s taken over the general shape and the sides of the Twingo, thus making it more ‘classical’. On board of the Fortwo and Forfour, we can see new stylised furniture, paying tribute to the departing generation and sharing some aspects of the Twingo.

Concerning the engine, we can only find three-cylinder fuel engines to run these Smart cars. In the catalogue, there’s a 0.9l (70 or 90 hp) engine and another 1l engine with 60 hp.  Later on, there will be an electric version as well as sporty variations by Brabus.

With a base price of 10'000 euros, would you be tempted by one of these Smart cars?