Tesla Model X: The Falcon spreads its wings!

As the weeks go by, Tesla's first SUV, the Model X, is being slowly unveiled. We already know this SUV will be based on the Model S sedan, it will have dual motor all-wheel drive, it can be equipped with an optional third row of  seats and, it will keep its "Falcon Wings", oh so important to the concept car. Wow... 

After a recent email sent to dealerships, we now know production will start in a few weeks and the first models will be delivered in 2015 to customers who placed an order sight unseen, with priority being given to American customers of course.

For the rest of the world, one must refer to the recent remarks from the charismatic President Elon Musk to understand better. He confirmed that his company recently finished the vehicle's latest designs. He explained that the first prototypes would possibly be ready for the end of the year, which confirms that the launch will not happen before the beginning of 2015.

However, Tesla forewarned that the first units would be produced on a limited basis only, at least until production fully begins next spring. So, if Tesla ever decides to market the Model X in Europe, we should not expect to see it arrive soon on the Old Continent.

What do you think of the arrival of a 100% electric SUV on our market?