The BMW Series 4 Gran Coupé mixes styles

In Geneva, BMW will be presenting the new Series 4 Gran Coupé, a sedan coupe that will be both sporty and functional.

BMW is taking the recipe for the Series 6 Gran Coupé and applying it to the Series 4. In concrete terms, the new Series 4 Gran Coupé will look like a mix of the Series 4 Coupé and the Series 3 sedan. This model is 4.64 m long, but the top of its roof is only 1.39 m off the ground. This 4-door coupe is stylish, but also functional, since it has a trunk as big as the Series 3 sedan (480 litres). The back seats, however, will not be quite as comfortable, since BMW has announced that this is a 4+1-seat car.

A vast range of engines

The new Series 4 Gran Coupé is a rather chic niche model, but it will still be available with entry-level engines, including diesel with 418d (136 or 143 hp) and 420d (163 or 184 hp) versions at release. The petrol range will initially include the 420i (163 or 184 hp), 428i (245 hp) and 435i (6 cylinders and 306 hp). We can also note that the xDrive integral transmission will be available on the 428i and 420d versions.