The BMW X5 can also turn into a bodyguard…

In Russia, businessmen and other sensitive celebrities don’t joke about with their security. Thus, they are often on the search for armoured vehicles. The German constructors have been filling this demand for several years already. Mercedes notably offers Guard versions of its S and E sedans, Audi has an A8 Security in its catalogue and BMW can count on the 7 Series High Security. Seeing the importance of the market, there’s nothing surprising that, at the end of August at the Moscow Auto Salon, the beamer brand will be unveiling the X5 Security Plus.

Compared to a normal X5, this SUV differs by having steel plates placed at the level of the openings, polycarbonate joins around the bullet-proof windows and reinforced seats. So as to support the weight generated by these transformations, BMW has of course reviewed the brakes and suspensions. These modifications promote the X5 to level VR6. For the uninitiated, this means that this SUV can resist grenades and shots from an AK-47, better known under the name Kalashnikov.

To run this mastodon, the manufacturer is only offering one type of engine. It’s the 4.4 litre petrol V8 twin-turbo producing 450 horsepower. Capable of producing 650 Nm of torque, this engine should suffice to get the X5 out of tricky situations. Of course, you just have to hope that these VIP also thought to acquire the services of an experienced chauffeur.

And you, do you believe in the effectiveness of such an SUV in case of attack?