The Mini Clubman will be unveiled in Frankfurt in 2015!

According to Car Advice, the next generation of Mini Clubman will be officially presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015, so in just about a year's time. This version won't have anything do to with the current version and would resemble somewhat a station wagon with nice dimensions. It seems then that the Clubman should be quite faithful to the concept-car unveiled last March at the Geneva Motor Show.

Of this upcoming Clubman, we already know that it will be approximately 4.22 m long, which is 25cm more than the current model. At the front, the aesthetic code of the third generation of the Mini would be followed, namely with bigger headlights and a hexagonal radiator grill. However, as the profile has a longer wheelbase, the rear passengers will no longer be forced to get out only by the right side. At the rear, there will in fact be two doors that open conventionally. Their size will return to normal and they will join with window frames, at the expense of the aesthetics.  

The fans of the model should be reassured though, this Mini won't exactly enter the ranks. At the rear, the British manufacturer will conserve the utilitarian aspect which creates the car's charm. The access to the boot will in fact still be done by the means of swinging doors. By opening them, we'll also discover a hold with a bigger volume than today's. Good news, no? Finally, for the time being, if we don't yet know what engines will run this next generation, you can bet that the manufacturer will take over all the ones from the current Mini. Finally, still according to Car Advice, the Clubman's marketing would start just after the Frankfurt Motor Show. We can't wait for tomorrow...

And you, do you also think that this Mini Clubman has lost part of its soul?