The Peugeot 508 wants to stay in the race!

So as to keep a family resemblance with the other models of its range, Peugeot has lightly retouched its 508s. Aesthetically, the sedan and the estate have received indented headlights, a redesigned shield, a lighting system that only relies on diodes, and, lastly, a refined radiator which bears the Lion once more. The rear, for its part, just has retouched lights. But, those who have an eye for detail will also notice that the trunk of the sedan no longer has a chrome trim.

Inside, it is not the time for a revolution. In fact, we only find a touch screen multimedia system and an extra central storage area. That’s it! Concerning the accessories, the manufacturer is a bit more generous. In fact, some versions of the series will get blind spot surveillance systems and a rear view camera as standard. Not bad! For the active speed regulator or the automatic emergency break in cities, we’ll still have to wait for the launch of whatever will replace the 508. Not anytime soon then...

To run the 508, the manufacturers can count on an enriched range of engines. In diesel, next to the recent 2 litre BlueHDi of 150 and 180 horsepower, we’ll in fact find the 1.6 BlueHDi (120 horsepower). This Euro 6 engine will replace the 1.6 e-HDI in the weeks to come. The amateurs of unleaded 95, for their part, will have the choice between the three-cylinder turbo 1.2 THP with 130 horsepower and the 1.6 THP. This last one has just seen its power increase from 156 to 165 horsepower and can now be coupled with the automatic EAT6 gearbox.

In your opinion, will these evolutions allow the 508 to stay in the race?