The Punto Evo gets a facelift…but only in India

For a few weeks now, photos of the new Fiat Punto Evo have been circulating on the web. But, let’s get it out at the start: it’s in fact the third recast of a version that already has nine good and loyal years of service on its meter. According to Fiat, this Punto Evo is only destined for the Indian market. In case the Turin directors change their mind, it seems like a good idea to present it to you via the first official photos.

Concretely, the front has a new visual identity with namely a more aerated bumper, an oval radiator grill and lights whose design has been inspired by reindeer antlers. At the rear, we notice that the bumper has been redrawn and that the fog-lights surrounded by chrome are now in a trapeze shape. For the rest, the aesthetic revolution is far from anything new. Lastly, no major change is to be noted on board.

To run this Punto Evo, the manufacturer offers four different engines. For fuel, we have the choice between a 1.2 litre engine producing 68 horsepower and a 1.4 litre engine with 90 horsepower. The 1.3 litre Diesel engine, for its part, is available in two levels: 76 and 93 horsepower. These engines all link up to a manual 5 speed gearbox. Period!

According to several sources, this Punto Evo has little chance of one day ending up in our concessions. In fact, the current Punto Evo should be making way for a new “5 door” Fiat 500 which will shortly be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. Patience...

Does the Punto Evo still make you dream?