The new DS3 and DS3 convertible have abandoned the chevrons

The Citroën DS3 was the last model in the DS line to have Citroën’s chevrons on its hood. Like the DS5 and DS6, it’s taking advantage of its restyle to proudly display the DS badge and new head lamps. 

The new grille, called “Double Wings” is inspired by the DS Divine, which was presented at the Paris Motor Show I 2014. As well as the new grille, you can easily recognize the new DS3 and DS3 convertible thanks to the new look given to them by their LED head lamps. 

There are new connected functions as well as part of this restyle, including the DS Connect Box and compatibility with MirrorLink and Apple’s CarPlay. Under the hood the 1.6-liter, 208 horsepower turbo is the most powerful on offer. 

Do you like the changes to the new DS3?