The new Ford Escort : Rebirth in China

The Escort, one of Ford’s most popular models, is making its big return. Unveiled in its final form at the recent Beijing Auto Show, this four-door sedan is, unfortunately, intended for the Chinese market alone.

This version remains generally faithful to the concept presented a year ago at the Shanghai Motor Show. It is based on the platform used for the Focus, the biggest-selling compact car in China. According to Ford, the Escort will be specifically adapted to the Chinese market and will be positioned just below the Focus. The American firm hopes that the Escort will enjoy great success in the Middle Kingdom, helping Ford rise to the level of GM or Volkswagen.

The Escort’s style was developed by Australian designers. It is something of a melting pot of the car maker’s styling cues.  After a walk round the Escort, you can detect sources of inspiration from the current Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo models. Inside, there is a specially designed smartphone dock, and the cabin clearly responds to the expectations of an emerging market.

To power this Escort, the car maker is offering only a petrol engine. It is a four-cylinder 1.5-litre engine, generating 112 horsepower and 138 Nm of torque. Ford is pairing this engine with an automatic transmission. As a result, the Chinese shouldn't expect extraordinary performance from this Escort. That’s a shame...

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