The new Prius+ will surprise you

Are you in charge of a large family and you care about the environment? In that case, you'll be pleased to learn that the Prius+, the large hybrid MPV from Toyota (7-seater), has just had a restyling. And that, just three years after its launch!

Concerning the design, we can't really call it a revolution. The Prius+ has a front which has its take on the family feel of the current models, such as the Aygo and Yaris. At the rear, we notice just that the optical units, the surrounding of the licence plate and the shield with integrated diffuser have also been redesigned.

On board, a new metallic finish now covers the dial that controls the air-con and the driving style. The door handles, for their part, are covered in chrome. Lastly, the central console has just been slightly modified around the ventilators. In the accessory aisle, the arrival of the Toyota Touch 2 systems is of note. They can be connected to the Mirror Link and integrate the reversing camera as standard.

Technically, the modifications are limited. They mainly concern the passage to the Euro 6 norm. The hybrid powertrain still produces 136 horsepower. That said, it must be noted that the suspension adjustments have been reviewed, so as to improve the comfort a bit more. Lastly, Toyota has given new acoustic absorption materials to this vintage, which are meant to reduce the noise level inside the car.  

Do you think that this redesign will allow the Prius+ to be more popular?