Volkswagen Beetle Dune: Buggy version 2.0

Can you still remember the Volkswagen Beetle Baja ? No ? In that case, let me refresh your memory. In the 60s, it was a buggy based on the Beetle. The Californians had a great time driving it around, as much on the beaches as in the desert.

 It seems that the memory of this era is still fresh at Volkswagen. The brand has in fact just announced that the Beetle Dune will be on the market in 2016. This Beetle doesn’t have anything to do with the concept car of the same name presented at the last Detroit Auto Show. It’s true that the concept car was rather explosive with its ride height lifted by 5 centimetres, its 19 inch rims, its all terrain look and its 210 hp engine.

From the original concept, the Beetle Dune is only keeping certain elements of the style; it will be elevated and will be adorned with bodywork elements inspired largely by the Cross variations of the manufacturer, and that’s it!  Volkswagen has no intention to offer an all-terrain Beetle, but wants to go up against the Mini Countryman and Nissan Juke.

That said, although this Beetle Dune won’t have all-wheel drive, it will nevertheless have an electronic limited-slip XDS. This system will allow it to venture a bit off the beaten track. Under its hood, you can bet that there will be the most powerful TSI and TDI engines from the current Beetle. Lastly, the extra cost of the Dune is estimated at about 2’800 €.

Would this Beetle tempt you to go on an adventure?