Volkswagen Passat: Double Whammy!

A few weeks away from the Paris Motor Show, Volkswagen has unveiled its eighth generation of Passat, both in its sedan model and in its estate livery called “Variant”. Having produced nearly 2.2 million units since 1973, the Passat is a key model for the Wolfsburg manufacturer. The latest generation is opening a new chapter with compelling arguments.

Concerning the design, it doesn’t really stand out, the Passat wanting to be an understated family car. That said, this generation isn’t lacking in charm and even seems a little more dynamic than the old version. In fact, it is wider, a bit lower, and a tad shorter. The interior is still just as habitable, especially when you take note of the improvements in the back seats. The passenger compartment does not surprise either. If the style of the interior is in strict continuity with the old models, the new technology taken onboard has made a strong leap forward, with the instrument panel now 100% digital. From a practical point of view, you need to remember that the sedan’s boot has a space of 586 litres and the estate’s one has 650 litres, which can be extended to 1780 once the seats have been laid down.

Finally, under the hood, the range of engines will go from 120 to 280 horsepower, and ten different variations will be offered. And, as for the Golf, the Passat is planning to equip itself with a hybrid plug-in version with 211 horsepower.

Does the Passat fit your idea of a real family car?