Volkswagen Tiguan: A generation with many guises

At Nissan, things might be looking worrying. In September 2015, at the Frankfurt motor show, Volkswagen will unveil the second generation of Tiguan ; a generation that’s not hiding its ambitions to come and destabilise the Quashqai.

According to several specialist media sources, the Wolfsburg brand is preparing a “products” offensive, centred essentially on new SUV offers. Concretely, the future generation of Tiguan won’t be only available in one model, but in three distinct versions. In the manufacturer’s plans, there would be a model directly descended from the current generation, with a wheelbase of around 2’605 mm, a long version capable of holding 7 passengers and finally a sportier SUV inspired by the Range Rover Evoque.

This Tiguan family should logically be based on the modular MQB chassis so dear to current Volkswagens. Thanks to that, the manufacturer would be able to offer a large palette of engines and vary its “Tiguan” by giving them two-wheel drive or equipping them with the 4Motion integral transmission system. Other than the “classic” motorisations, VW should of course also offer a rechargeable hybrid version.

Also according to several reliable sources relaying internal echoes, the 7-seater Tiguan should be unveiled in January 2016 at the Detroit Motor Show. Logically, they would prioritise their commercialisation first to the USA, then the Middle East, China and finally, Europe. Concerning the range inspired by the Evoque, no information is circulating at the moment. Patience...

Does this ‘products’ offensive seem relevant to you?