Will Mini’s future roadster be Superleggera?

In June, in these columns, we talked about the Mini Superleggera Vision concept car which was presented at the latest ‘concours d’élégance’ of the Villa d’Este (Italy). At the time, we ended our brief by confirming that this study would never be produced and that it was just inspiring Mini’s future roadster. We were wrong! Because, following a statement from Peter Schwarzenbauer, it seems that the BMW group is considering producing the Mini Superleggera Vision.

At the Reuters press agency, Peter Schwarzenbauer, one of the board members at BMW, confirmed that: “To really seriously examine the production of such a model, you look into several different options and you arrive at the question: are we going to make it ourselves or give it to someone else?”  Besides his comments suggesting the production of the concept elaborated in partnership with Touring, the coachbuilders, Peter Schwarzenbauer also announced a price of 35’000 euros for a prospective model of the series. That said, he was also very clear in specifying that a decision would be made, but the board would need at least six months of reflection before deciding. Patience... 

Moreover, Peter Schwarzenbauer said that Mini is still trying to determine how many models should be integrated into the range. Today, the main choices seem to revolve around five to ten models. Personally, Peter Schwarzenbauer prefers a smaller number. Currently, with the recent arrival of the “5 door” Mini, the range already has nine models!

And you, would you like the Mini Superleggera to become the tenth model?