Will the future Renaults be even sexier?

In 2010, Renault presented a concept car called DeZir at the Paris Motor Show. It announced the new style of the future models of the brand. Today, if the Clio IV, the Captur, the Twingo III, or even the Espace V are the first models to profit from designer Laurens van den Acker’s style, it seems that all the others will be entitled to it in the coming two years. But, following an interview given to English magazine Autocar, it also seems that Renault is already working on a follow-up to the current design.

Concretely, the next upcoming model to benefit from this design, which notably offers a radiator grill that encompasses the massive vertical logo, will be a compact crossover. In 2015, it will no doubt obscure the Koleos. Next, it’s the Laguna which should benefit from the current style. Lastly, during 2016, Renault will present its new compact Megane and its Scenic MPV.

According to Autocar magazine, 2016 will also be the year during which Renault will unveil its new stylistic orientation. As in 2010, the brand will use the Paris Motor Show to present it, via a spectacular study looking to once more make an impression. Laurens van den Acker refused to divulge the slightest detail concerning this future orientation. But, by thinking about it, we don’t doubt that it won’t see the light of day before the launch of the fifth generation of Clio, so not before 2017 or 2018. To be continued... 

And you, what do you think of the style of the new generation of Renaults?