People: Miley Cyrus, « Bad girl » in a Cayenne

Do you know Miley Cyrus ? No? In that case, you should watch her latest clip which caused a scandal in the USA. For the video of her single “Wrecking Ball”, the sulphurous singer appears nude and found nothing better to do than to sit on top of a wrecking ball. Is America still as puritan as before? One might think so. That said, Uncle Sam’s country can’t blame her for her tastes in cars that only produce CO2 emissions.

Her Maserati Quattroporte having recently been stolen, Miley Cyrus didn’t tell herself that it’s time to adopt a ‘cool attitude’ at the wheel of a hybrid. No, being a ‘good girl’ is not her thing! She preferred to get herself a Porsche Cayenne GTS.

This Porsche relies – it’s true – on a 4,8 litre direct-injection V8 (with 420 hp!) benefitting from a VarioCam distribution system. As a reminder, this system allows the user to have a certain flexibility at lower gears, and more punch along the red zone. In short, with such an SUV, Miley Cyrus should easily be able to escape the paparazzi; the car goes from 0 to 100km/h in 5.7 seconds and can go up to 261 km/h. Obviously, if the starlet decides to push this SUV to its limits, there’s a strong chance that she’ll hit the tabloids’ headlines again.

In your opinion, is Miley Cyrus taking real pleasure in being a ‘bad girl’?