BMW FAST: Emerging variety!

Let’s get it out of the way at the start: the upcoming BMW FAST isn’t the sporty muscle car headlining the umpteenth Fast & Furious sequel. The FAST initials stand for Family Active Sports Tourer. Is this a new denomination at BMW for a new type of car? Affirmative!

Specifically, this BMW, spotted not at the Nürburgring but amongst the urban traffic, is a family estate with reasonable dimensions. It seems to fit somewhere between the Active Tourer 2 Series and the upcoming generation of the X1 expected in 2015.

According to initial information, this model would be front wheel drive like the Active Tourer 2 Series and should also take over the chassis of the recent Mini. From a practical point of view, this BMW would carry up to seven people.

To run this new genre of estate car, there’s a strong chance that the manufacturer will borrow from the range of engines from the Active Tourer 2 Series. We can count on three and four cylinder engines in petrol and diesel. These engines should logically deliver between 100 to 230 horsepower, going through manual or automatic gearboxes with at least 6 speeds. As a second step, BMW will without a doubt offer a Hybrid Plug-In version and also a version making the most of an integral transmission system. The BMW FAST probably won’t be unveiled until the start of 2016 though. Patience...

Do you think that by constantly expanding its range of cars, BMW might be losing a part of its soul?