Scoop : No more V6 for the next Mercedes E Class !

In about two years’ time, Mercedes-Benz should logically present the new generation of E Class. Concerning this future sedan, the manufacturer hasn’t unveiled any official information yet. But, one thing is for sure: the engineers are already working tirelessly on this model. Want proof? Our spies have managed to take photos of a well camouflaged prototype.

Looking at the first images, we may think that the coming generation will evolve gently. We can even believe that the recent remodelling of the model will inspire this generation. In fact, the stickers covering the prototype don’t prevent us from noticing that the future E Class could also give us the choice between two distinct radiator grills, with or without the star in the middle. Elsewhere, it also seems that this future E will not be choosing the four optics which lasted for two good generations anymore. The prototype prefers two large lights whose design reminds us of the recent C Class and S Class.

Concerning its build, this E Class should more or less conserve its current dimensions. That said, keeping with the times, there’s a strong chance that this model will become a hundred kilos lighter, by resorting to a large usage of aluminium. Lastly, to run its sedan and other future varieties of bodywork (estate, coupé and cabrio), the manufacturer will offer six cylinder in-line engines, for petrol as for diesel. Later on, other engines will come and complete this offer.

And you, what are you expecting from this future generation of Mercedes-Benz E Class?