Scoop : a 600 horsepower Nissan GT-R whilst waiting for the hybrid

In 2017, Nissan should logically present the car that's following the GT-R. To help the fans of the model, the Japanese manufacturer updates the current generation every year. Our spies have just surprised a prototype not far off from the legendary Nürburgring. It seems to well and truly announce the 2015 vintage.

Looking at the first photos, we notice that Nissan is currently working on the aerodynamics of its sports car. Concretely, it looks like the radiator is split in three parts and that the air intake has a more rectangular shape. The lamella and the extremities of the front seem also to have been modified. These evolutions evoke those that appeared on the recent GT-R Nismo.

You can bet that Nissan will redirect a part of the advanced technologies discovered on the Nismo range towards the 2015 version. On the menu, there thus may be Bilstein suspensions, a reworked undercarriage, a better rigidity of the body, and even a slight increase of the power. This GT-R might then very logically develop between 550 and 600 horsepower.

That said, this update of the model will no doubt be the last. As, at Nissan, the engineers are already planning its replacement. Of that one, we only know that it will be run by a 700 horsepower hybrid engine, that it will place its Lithium-Ion batteries in the boot and, lastly, that it will be much lighter as it is notably relying on carbon fibre.

So, are you impatient to discover the 2015 vintage of the Nissan GT-R?