Scoop: a mysterious Mercedes surprised right in the middle of a test run!

Some days, our spies surprise weird machines right in the middle of a test session. The latest to date was seen at one of Mercedes-Benz’s experimental sites. Entirely camouflaged, it’s a surprise we weren’t expecting. In short, for the time being, no one can really say if it’s a future model or just a concept car to show off with.

That said, the analysis of a few shots allow us to confirm that the Stuttgart manufacturer is maybe also preparing a completely avant-garde vehicle. Seeing the narrowness of its tyres, its very aerodynamic shape, or even its huge wheelbase pushing the wheels to the four corners of the body, it is likely that it’s a revolutionary 100% electrical car or a model using another alternative energy source.

We might also think that the machine belongs to the family of prototypes putting forward all of the brand’s developments. In this famous F series, we find studies announcing the stylistic orientation of the Mercedes-Benz for years to come and also concepts unveiling the motors of tomorrow. As recent examples, we’ve still got the F 125 Concept fuel cell hybrid or the F 800 Style in mind.

With a bit of luck, we will be able to discover this vehicle at the Los Angeles Motor Show which opens its doors on the 18th of November. If nothing comes of it, there are two other major events on the calendar: Detroit in January and Geneva in March. Patience...

In your opinion, what is this machine that Mercedes-Benz is trying to hide at all costs?