Scoop : the future Audi R8 in rear-wheel drive!

Our spies spotted a prototype of the future Audi R8 on one of the Ingolstadt manufacturer's parking lots. This model is expected in the second semester of 2015. With its impressive wing, it makes you think that the manufacturer is already working on a GT3 version, maybe one day with an RS badge.

A GT3 version? In that case, the recent revelations by British show Top Gear's journalists may be true. In fact, they had a meeting with Heinz Hollerweger, the director of Quattro GmbH. This man in charge of the development of the new R8 had said that the new generation wouldn't only content themselves with V8 and V10 engines. According to what he said, a hybrid and/or electric version might also be on offer.

Also, still following this interview that was given to Top Gear, it seems that Audi is ready to offer a rear-wheel drive version of the upcoming R8. A big first! In fact, Audi sports cars have always benefitted from the 'Quattro' integral transmission system. Up until now, it has only been the race models that have gone without, when this transmission was forbidden by one regulation or another.

With this R8 'GT3' or 'RS', we may be allowed to think that the manufacturer will offer a lighter model which will be run by the slightly less powerful V10 from the Lamborghini Hurracan. But with 570 horsepower, this R8 will surely impress its rivals!

What do you think of the probable arrival of this 'rear-wheel drive' R8 during 2015?