This driver of a Lamborghini prototype didn’t like being followed!

When photographer Jason Thorgalsen noticed a test-model Lamborghini Huracan on the motorway, he didn’t think twice: he began to follow it to take a few photos! After all, that’s how he makes his living! After following the Lamborghini for nearly an hour, an Audi A8 intervened and tried to prevent the photographer from continuing his “work”. This Audi had clearly been called in as back-up and didn’t hesitate to make some risky manoeuvres to block the photographer’s view!

After a certain time, the photographer therefore decided to exit the motorway, but he didn’t count on the Audi A8 and the Lamborghini Huracan blocking his way to the exit and forcing him to pull over. The two drivers got out of their cars and started to intimidate the photographer. At one point, the Huracan driver even tried to steal the photographer’s camera. Feeling threatened, Jason decided to call the police. This was when the two other drivers left the scene before things got out of hand.

For now, we do not know whether the drivers were Lamborghini employees or not. It is quite likely though, since one of them was testing a prototype.

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