Stock Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 15 Th ANNIVERSARY !!

  • Carburant Essence
  • Transmission -
  • Kilométrage 1 km
  • Année 01.01.2005
  • Puissance 68 CH / 50 kW
Vendeur pro

KRK Cars (32)

Boterbosstraat 6/1
Belgique 3550 Heusden Zolder

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Données générales

  • Catégories : -
  • Puissance : 68 CH / 50 kW
  • Nombre de cylindres : -
  • Nombre de portes : -
  • Poids : -
  • Émission CO2 : -
  • Couleur : Bleu, Métallique
  • Cylindrée : 1.690 cm³
  • Norme d'émission : -
  • Voiture accidentée : non
  • Contrôle tech. jusqu'au : -

Equipement standard

  • Métallique
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This Harley Davidson Fat Boy 15TH anniversary is from a private colection.

The bike is new never used !!!

The 15th Anniversary Edition Fat Boy commemorates the model's journey with an extra helping of chrome, performance and style.
Its signature solid disc wheels have been chromed, making a visual statement that's as powerful as it is custom. Happy Anniversary, Fat Boy.
Get an eyeful of this behemoth on wheels. But be careful your eyelids dont get stuck wide open. Its the 15th Anniversary Fat Boy® motorcycle. A machine built to have its very own gravitational pull. Everything here is super-sized. FL fork tubes like anacondas. Mammoth chrome headlight and nacelle. Floorboards as big as surfboards. Shotgun exhaust pipes that pack a wallop before you ever fire up the engine. Wide tires wrapped around solid disc wheels like thick, juicy bacon around a filet mignon. Throw a leg over and it gets even better. Youll find the counterbalanced Twin Cam 88B™ powertrain, in traditional carb or refined EFI, is no salad-eater. It has the Fat Boy gobbling up more than its fair share of miles. The XXXL feeling you get once youre in the saddlethats easily the biggest joy of all.

Please make an appointment for visiting !!

Stands at private owner !!!
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