Aston Martin Vanquish Vanquish 'Sport Dynamic Pack' - 1 of 94 produced

  • € 89.950

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Staat: Tweedehands
Eerste inschrijving: 03/2004
Versnellingsbak: Halfautomaat
Brandstof: Benzine
Kilometerstand: 31.700 km
Emissieklasse: Euro 3


Algemene gegevens

  • Staat voertuig : Tweedehands
  • Eerste inschrijving: 03/2004
  • Kilometerstand: 31.700 km
  • Brandstof: Benzine
  • Versnellingsbak: Halfautomaat
  • Vermogen : 457 PK | 336 KW
  • Cylinderinhoud : 5935
  • Aantal cilinders : 12
  • Referentie van de advertentie : 27e81674-77c8-4ff7-9860-6c7e02dfb873
  • Gewicht : 1835
  • CO2 uitstoot : 396g CO2/km
  • Emissieklasse: Euro 3
  • Carroserie : Coupe
  • Kleur : Blauw
  • Aantal deuren : 2
  • Beschadigde auto : Neen
  • Techn. controle tot : -
  • Car-Pass : Neen


  • ABS
  • Airbag bestuurder
  • Alarm
  • CD
  • Automatic airconditioning
  • Regensensor
  • Lichtmetalen velgen
  • Boordcomputer
  • Schakel paddles
  • Elektrische buitenspiegels
  • Sportzetels
  • Soundsystem
  • Bandenspanningscontrolesysteem
  • Centrale vergrendeling
  • Lederen stuurwiel
  • Middenarmsteun
  • Airbag passagier
  • Parkeersensoren achteraan
  • Airconditioning
  • Servostuur
  • ESP
  • Mistlampen
  • Sportpakket
  • Radio
  • Zetelverwarming
  • Elektrische zetelverstelling
  • Verlaagde ophanging
  • Navigatiesysteem
  • Elektrische ruiten


“Collection by Vermant” is delighted to be able to offer you this magnificent Aston Martin Vanquish SDP. SDP stands for Sports Dynamic pack and is one of the rarerst editions of the Vanquish. This Vanquish was delivered new on the 3th of March 2004 by Aston Martin Kronberg, Germany. This Vanquish is equipped with the mighty Aston Martin V12, developing an astonishing 470 hp. This power is sent to the rear wheels by a semi automatic gearbox with 6 gears. This was a state of the art system that was designed to be able to compete with Ferrari’s F1 transmission system. This gearbox allowed the driver to shift through the use of paddle shifters or even completely automatic. After 10 years of ownership, the first owner sold the car to the second and final owner of the car, a Dutch resident. He kept the car for 8 years and maintained it nicely.

The ‘Sports Dynamic Pack’ was the model inbetween the standard Vanquish and the Vanquish S variant of which only 94 examples were produced. This pack received almost every upgrade that the Vanquish S received, but didn’t receive the power upgrade. The most striking difference with the normal Vanquish are the wheels. The standard 12 spoke wheels have been replaced with lightweight 9 spoke wheels that are exclusive for the SDP variant. They do not only have fewer spokes, but are als designed to keep the unsprung mass of the car to a minimum. This greatly affects the handling of the car and is best to be kept as low as possible. To further aid in the handling, the suspension of the car was completely revised. The shock absorbers were shortened and stiffened, resulting in a lowered ride height of 5 mm when compared to the ‘normal’ Vanquish. Furthermore, the steering was altered to react 20% faster and more precise. The last upgrade, included in the Sports Dynamic Pack, are the brakes. These have upgraded from a 4 pot front brake caliper to a 6 pot brake caliper. All these upgrades really enhance the overall driving feel of the car and make it a lot more precise and agile to drive on demanding roads.

When looking at the exterior of this Vanquish, we can find a beautiful Dark Blue metallic colour called Mendip Blue. This colour is quite rare, but suits the Vanquish very well and gives it a very elegant look. The lightweight silver SDP wheels give a nice contrast to the dark metallic paint and work well with the chrome found on the side air vent. On the front of the car we can find the front bumper with the distinctive fog lights fitted on each side. The grille was also finished in silver as a way of contrast in the front bumper and to match the silver wheels.

Going over to the interior, we can find a very well preserved Parchment coloured leather interior. This is a colour inbetween white and beige and is an excellent combination with the Dark Blue exterior colour. This Vanquish was optioned with the 2+0 feature, meaning this has no rear seats. The rear seat area is now a shelf that can be used to store bags or other miscellaneous items. Below the parcel shelf, there is another closed luggage compartment, that further aids in the practicality of the car. The first owner chose to match the interior carpets with the exterior colour and specified them in Pacific blue. A lot of care was also taken to make this Vanquish usable in day to day life and year round use. Both front seats have been optioned with seat heating.

This Vanquish will be delivered with a fresh service at Aston Martin.
In short, this Aston Martin is the Ultimate Vanquish to be added to any collection. One of the most rare editions that has been produced in the last years and in excellent condition throughout.

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Aston Martin Vanquish Vanquish 'Sport Dynamic Pack' - 1 of 94 produced

Aston Martin Vanquish

Vanquish 'Sport Dynamic Pack' - 1 of 94 produced

€ 89.950