Volvo 480 Pré production model - ONLY 80km - NEW!!!


Algemene gegevens

  • Staat voertuig : Tweedehands
  • Eerste inschrijving : 07/1986
  • Kilometerstand : 80 km
  • Brandstof : Benzine
  • Versnellingsbak : Manueel
  • Vermogen : 107 PK | 79 KW
  • Cylinderinhoud : 1700
  • Aantal cilinders : 4
  • Referentie van de advertentie : ecf6bd95-ae78-4bc7-8b73-2007daead21b
  • Gewicht : -
  • CO2 uitstoot : -
  • Emissieklasse : -
  • Carroserie : Berline
  • Kleur : Zwart
  • Aantal deuren : 2
  • Beschadigde auto : Neen
  • Techn. controle tot : -
  • Car-Pass : Neen


In 1973, the curtain was drawn on the legendary Volvo P1800(ES). It took a few more years before a worthy successor would be looked for. Only when ‘Project Galaxy’ was launched internally in 1978, it resulted in a completely new car, the Volvo 480 (ES). The design clearly drew on its predecessor, the P1800(ES). The sporty coupé was officially presented at the Geneva Salon in 1986.

The Volvo newcomer was the first in a series of smaller family cars: the 400 series. It was a highly experimental car with front-wheel drive, ‘pop-up’ lights, a digital dashboard with trip computer and ‘approach lighting’, which keeps the high beam on for 30 seconds after locking the car. A high level of technology was achieved.
The fibreglass bonnet was another new concept, which eventually turned out to weigh more than a metal one. The design was highly acclaimed and earned Volvo a whole range of design awards.

The 1.7 litre injection engine of the ES had a relatively modest 109 hp with a top speed of 190 km/hour. Later a 2 litre and a 1.7 litre turbo engine would join the range. Despite the relatively low power, the roadholding of the Volvo 480 ES met the expectations of its racy appearance without a shadow of a doubt. Journalists particularly described this optimal roadholding, the driving and steering characteristics, the brakes, the economic fuel consumption, the luxurious equipment level and the ergonomic dashboard as excellent.

The 480 remained in production until September 1995 and in the end registered +/- 80.000 units.

“Collection by Vermant” is proud to offer you this 1986 model Volvo 480ES. This is a pre-production model with chassis number 184 - the chassis numbering of customer car production starts at number 364. Therefore, this is a unique example and could have been part of a car museum collection by now. Sooner or later, this car could end up in a renowned Volvo collection.

The 480 is still in an immaculate brand-new condition and there are only 77 real kilometres on the clock.

Recently, this special classic received a major overhaul during which all liquids and filters were replaced, including the timing belts and battery.
This absolute collector’s item is ready for a new home!

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Volvo 480 Pré production model - ONLY 80km - NEW!!!


Pré production model - ONLY 80km - NEW!!!

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