Volvo P1800 E - Rare 72-er model - Restored condition


Algemene gegevens

  • Staat voertuig : Tweedehands
  • Eerste inschrijving : 03/1972
  • Kilometerstand : 151.000 km
  • Brandstof : Benzine
  • Versnellingsbak : Automaat
  • Vermogen : 120 PK | 88 KW
  • Cylinderinhoud : 2000
  • Aantal cilinders : 4
  • Referentie van de advertentie : bb19f7b2-33b9-4054-8189-7de33f8f100e
  • Gewicht : -
  • CO2 uitstoot : -
  • Emissieklasse : -
  • Carroserie : Coupe
  • Kleur : Blauw
  • Aantal deuren : 2
  • Beschadigde auto : Neen
  • Techn. controle tot : -
  • Car-Pass : Neen


The Volvo P1800 was introduced in 1957 with the X1 prototype. After the P1900, it was the second model with which Volvo hoped to penetrate the sports car market.
The definitive model, designed by Pelle Petterson, who worked for the Italian Carrozzeria Frua at the time, was presented to the public for the first time at the 1960 Brussels Motor Show.

The 2+2 coupé was equipped with a front-engine, 1.8L four-cylinder engine, with dual carburettors, producing 100 hp. It was a rear-wheel drive sports car that was considered pioneering at the time because of the standard front disc brakes.

The P1800 was assembled from 1961 onwards. Due to the huge popularity of the Volvo Amazon, Volvo was forced to outsource the production of the car’s shell to Pressed Steel in Scotland, with Jensen assembling the cars in England. Jensen ultimately ended up producing just +/- 6,000 cars, as Volvo decided to terminate the contract in 1963 due to quality issues. From then on, Volvo assembled the cars itself.

The production was moved to Volvo’s own plant in Gothenburg. From then on, the car’s name was changed to 1800S, with S standing for Sverige, dropping the P. The 1800S was born.

In 1968, the 1800 was improved with a 2-litre engine. In 1969, it was equipped with a D-jetronic fuel injection engine, producing 120 hp. From then on, it was known as the 1800 E (Electronic Injection). The interior was also adapted and the car was equipped with four-wheel disc brakes.

In 1971, Volvo introduced the shooting break, designated as 1800 ES, which remained in production until 1973.

The P1800 rose to prominence because of the hit TV series ‘The Saint’, in which the car was driven by the main character, played by Roger Moore.
Production stopped in 1971, with 39,414 units produced.

'Collection by Vermant' is proud to offer you this stunning Volvo P1800E Coupe from 1972. The classis is equipped by a 2.0l injection engine and an automatic transmition.
The car is finished in light blue metallic (colour code 111), combined with an original black leather interior.

The P1800 was professionally restored and is now as good as new! The paint job, chrome, rubbers, interior, suspension, rims and tires,… were all completely refurbished. The result is a very nice P1800s with correct passes, the original spot welds and body joints that are still visible.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cars to be produced in the Sixties. The sleek design, combined with the beautiful Art Deco style dashboard, has transformed this ‘Saintly’ Volvo into a timeless icon!
This P1800 has since arrived in Belgium and is ready to accompany its new owner on plenty of unforgettable trips.

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Volvo P1800 E - Rare 72-er model - Restored condition


E - Rare 72-er model - Restored condition

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